Fresh From The Ziploc

by CruciaL Chaotic

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released February 7, 2012

All Tracks Produced By Freddie Joachim
Recorded & Edited By Chris Morris
Photo Taken By Andre Brathwaite
Photo Covers Edited By Patrick Jean-Philippe
Additional Editing On Covers By Helodie Imbert



all rights reserved


Broot McCoy West Palm Beach, Florida

Last Of The Brohicans


Respect The Vibe

Fuzzzy Nickels

Last Of The Brohicans

Slut Time ⌚️


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Track Name: Looking Back (Intro)
Looking Back

I reminisce on the past right here presently/
You try to present future mishaps evidently/
Somethings been missing this whole time/
You didn't try to understand how I live life through rhyme/
But honestly I'm careless and I could care less/
But if less is more then I care more then I did before/
About how life changes and how I change with it/
Evolve or die off same idish/
You act mad skid-dish, your mind frame isn't fitted/
Your claim to fame was lame like John McCain's/
Lasted for a few months then lain to shame/
Praying your attitude gets hit by a train/
Cuz' it's so the same, shook up like a can of soda spraying/
Sporadically sparing with Spartans/
Sick of hearing wackness coming from martians/
I'm on my Nilbog, chill dog your just not there/
On some Dortrog, leak Eggnog when you don't care/
The only thing I spare is bowling pins/
Nothing in the world could fill the whole in him/
That the spirit leaks out of/
I stay Meek no matter/
How many Millz I might see/
I got a rugged style that's not to be taken lightly/
R.A. like a Sun God in olden Egypt/
I release un-kept scriptures of secrets/
I walk on C(Sea) Steps like Poseidon and snoop/
I remember when C-Set was part of the group/
We're still all troops like armies of guerrillas/
Rebellious culturalist, no one's iller/
And no one will ever fill the void/
The realness for some will make them so annoyed/
Soulja boys and young cats need to be grown men/
Instead they stay like peter pan and the industry blows them/
So then don't look back on any BS/
Look back at the greater things, just being here I'm so blessed/
Never hopeless, I wrote this dopeness/
Straight outta the Ziploc, so fresh/
For you other writers to note this/
Take it down and make sure it's jotted/
Replay this joint if you forgot it/
Never getting rotted, renewed and plotted/
Double check and make sure their head is nodded, looking back/
Track Name: Controlled By Your Love
Controlled By Your Love

You got me in a magnificent trance/
You are the most significant romance/
That one man could ask for/
A glance from you would take down the whole task force/
I'm a zombie to your command/
The Universal Love Control at hand/
Opposites attract no Common factor/
I wanna run in fields with you, no tractors/
You are the demanding impactor/
Are love can't be measured with protractors/
Be exact or lose what we have/
Trustworthy of me being on the path/
I'd do anything thing for you at the drop of a dime/
When we are together, we defy time/
Making it cease to exist with reality/
You bring me to a Dream World all imaginary/
The highest rank underneath you/
What we share is true, not see through/
Shard of glass can't break us up/
Tough love, A heart that Is hit by an uppercut/
I won't stop believing on this Journey/
I can't Bail on our Bond, tell thee attorney/
What concerns me, nothing but the past/
But I have faith In our future, I know this will last/

(Say Love x3)
Track Name: My Heaven (36 Steps Up)
My Heaven (36 Steps Up)

You always seem to be my Heaven, I forget the hell/
You put me through, I never run and tell/
You put me under that magical spell/
You were the one to lift me when I fell/
I see pearly gates in your eyes/
The kiss I received puts me on cloud nine/
My name the whole crowds crying/
But for you I put every last one of them aside/
The fact that your always down to ride/
Makes it 100 times better when you replied/
Your the only one for me, eternally/
I never expected this journey to be/
Everything that is was/
Maybe that's because/
When I'm with you, you create a paradise/
What we've been through, no one could compare the price/
Of all that we shared/
There is never a need for a mending or a repair/
Your always there and of course it's vice versa/
Might buy you a nice purse or uh/
Anything for the fact of the matter/
Because you truly are the only thing that matters/
I rise to the occasion like cake batter/
Never a sign of fakeness or plaster/
2 words explain you, sheer perfection/
You're the only one to change my direction/
Directed to the lights that shine above/
The long waits are anticipations of love/
I always daydream and never seem to be awoken/
Your the jackpot won on a slot machine from a single token/
This feelings true, no hearts broken/
Even a Jester can see seriousness, no joking/
Anticipation grows stronger when we're far/
I wish for embrace when I see a shooting star/
All that I receive is yours too/
Not bonded yet by marriage but I'll never divorce you/
(My True Virtue)
Track Name: Seems So Yesterday
Seems So Yesterday (What Happened?)

It seems like it was yesterday when we met/
How time passes is so hard to accept/
Since everything happened I can't forget/
The happiest times to the times when we wept/
The late nights of insomnia, never slept/
Off of my feet you most frequently swept/
Look now where we are standing/
The standards we have seem so demanding/
Back then there was so much innocence/
You were a Queen and I was a prince/
Now I'm the king and your the princess/
Dukes and serfs worked there way up to impress/
So many double standards pass us by/
I can't help to ask myself why?/
The worst part is finding the answer/
Stupidity attaches to arguments like cancer/

(Hook 2x)
Constantly reminiscent on memories/
You set my pains at ease/
Thoughts drift off into the breeze/
My soul descends like Autumn leaves/

You sprang into my life around winter/
You stuck with me like a splinter/
I never decided to pull you out/
In the beginning there were simple doubts/
Now I have way better acknowledgements/
Heart evolved into stone and cement/
So hard to break but still possible/
Your my sunshine and I got pockets full/
Yesterday is here but a year away/
October fourth 2010 feels so today/
You reincarnated feelings from back then/
I remember subtle 12th fairway memories back when/
We used to ride the bus with Katherine/
To think now you make my heart backspin/
No break dancing or broken hearts/
Just a throwback mind that brings me to our start/

(Hook 2x)
Constantly reminiscent on memories/
You set my pains at ease/
Thoughts drift off into the breeze/
My soul descends like Autumn leaves/
Track Name: Hold On (R.I.P. Wayne Ferris)
Hold On (Dedication To Wayne Ferris)

Looking back at the past ones who passed/
How intricate life can be but it won't last/
One second they're here, the next they're gone/
The one's that you used to rely upon/
All I got is me and a couple of my brothers/
My lover, and the rest are all some st st stuttering/
Lying fakers with their minds trapped/
Looking back to see how I got where I'm at/
Clocks don't exist where my time's at/
Rewind the message to try to find that/
Reasoning why most of what happened did/
I think I finally grew up from a kid/
I still miss the the few that I cherished/
I don't understand why some perish/
I'm embarrassed, when I can't seem to hold on/
I appreciate everyone who made me strong/

(Hook 2x)
We need to be faithful and true/
Were would I be without all of you?/
The friends, fam, and the music/
If no one was here, It would be useless/

R.I.P. to my man Tommy Abreu/
We know your in Heaven but we miss you/
And to the homie of mine Kamar/
You're shining bright now like the sun and the stars/
And to my friend Will Da Real/
Your jokes stuck in my head and I'm laughing still/
To Brad's mom, Judy May Boone/
Your presence made the whole Earth bloom/
Abuelito, Abuelita, Grammy, HeyPop/
Your memory never makes my day stop/
To anyone who lost their Dad/
Or blamed God because they were mad/
It's difficult but you must learn to accept/
It's through you that they resurrect/
So have courage and live in the present tense/
That's the only way Life can make sense/

(Hook 4x)
Track Name: Life Is Looking Better (Thank You Hip-Hop)
Life Is Looking Better (Thank You Hip-Hop)

I think it was third or fourth grade/
Nearing the end of the 90's is when you played/
Poetry was already part of my vocabulary/
Never saw you at a live show but you widened my capillaries/
As well as my mind, body, and soul/
There seemed to be an almost magnetic pull/
Losing control on some mainstream songs/
Cd player playing till the double A's were gone/
I hated when the track came and you skipped/
I was writing lyrics, flipping the scripts/
But sticking to em' like glue sticks/
My Mom heard the cursing and started to lose it/
Ripped up the first sheet of raps and threw it/
When I realized your importance, I came back to it/
I was Terrible in middle school, better in high school/
College got better, Now It's just delightful/


I just want to thank all the supporters/
The fore fathers, Hip Hop sites and reporters/
The DJ's, Emcee's, B-Boys, and graffiti artists/
The one's who struggled but pushed this the hardest/
The ones who stay true to themselves/
Who won't change for anyone else/
The founders of the real, rugged, and raw/
You helped me see life overall/
Track Name: Dreams Are Presently Here
Dreams Are Presently Here

Wondrous ponderings of thoughtlessness/
Can't remember what thought mess was next/
All the irritations and funky frustrations/
Disappear in air with dumb patience/
Understanding wisdom in a narrow window of time/
Complex with a simplest mind/
Configured the most significant design/
Deliver it so intricate with mines/
Destroy and rebuild in dreams surreal/
Wake up early with an emotional feel/
I realize life is more than what you ask for/
I'm thankful for everyone, you did more/
For me then ever expected, so generously/
Just some attentiveness, effortlessly/
Double adjective homicidal verbage/
Dispersed words urged splurges/

Dreams at night...
This is life... (x4)

Don't even know how to attempt this 2nd 16/
Clouds softer than cream infiltrate my dream/
Of being higher than most above every coast/
Life is what you make it and I always overdose/
On love which is found deeper within/
It overcame trust and depleted the sin/
It's as if I pledged allegiance to him/
Hell ends here, where Heaven begins/
Trial and error until you finish the project/
Admiration of determination, not found yet/
By those who object to this/
Find greatness when you connect to it/
From the outer city limits to the depths of nature/
All praises due to the Architect Creator/
I dose off into a subconscious language/
All difficult feats have now been vanquished/

Dreams at night...
This is life... (x4)